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What Are Digital Channels and Why Should You Care About Them?

Posted by Andrea Carrero on Jul 20, 2016 7:00:00 AM

As a sales leader, you're always looking for new ways to supplement traditional methods for lead generation. It's all about pulling qualified leads into your sales funnel and moving the prospect through all of the stages to customer acquisition.

Cold calling, feet-on-the-street prospecting, customer referrals...they're all good, time-tested ways to find new customers. But in today's internet-based world, having a digital presence—and working it effectively—is critical! And if your prospects are in the Millenial generation—it's imperative! (When was the last time you saw a Millenial without his or her smartphone?)

Digital channels are ways that your prospects and customers interact with your company.

One industry looking for ways to use digital channels is the banking industry. Think about it: today you can research products, open and manage your account online, get notifications, get a loan—and more—at home, on your phone or just about anywhere. You no longer need to do things by physically going into a branch.

As a sales leader, why should you care about digital channels? The right mixture of digital channels can help reduce customer acquisition and retention costs (which obviously boosts revenue) and can increase customer engagement (which obviously leads to customer retention and additional sales). It can also streamline your sales effort so your sales team is closing deals effectively and efficiently.

Digital channels allow you to measure interest, engagement and conversions, for example. They allow you to track the prospect from an initial stage of interest through to acquisition and retention—and beyond to promotion. (Promotion is when your customers become your promoter—your referral base.)

Some of the tools in the digital channels arsenal include:

  • Email
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media networks
  • Websites (traditional and mobile-ready)

What is the main driver behind these tools? Content, content, content. And not just any old content, but optimized content—content that is optimized for search engines (SEO)—that takes your prospects on a journey through your sales funnel.

The idea is simple—build a digital presence and get found, create content offers that generate leads and measure the results. Then rinse and repeat.

Sounds easy, right? All you need to do is to get a couple of your top sales people to write a few articles or tweets, throw them up and you're done.

Nope. First, your sales force has enough on its plate seeking new opportunities. Don't overburden them with yet another thing to do by having to write creatively—and scientifically.

Second, this is all about pulling together a number of elements in a cohesive strategy, optimizing each step along the way, tracking what works and what doesn't, and creating more content that does work. A dedicated digital channel presence needs a dedicated digital channel marketer. It's about defining the target market with a persona, creating the content that will draw them to your offerings and converting them to a qualified sales lead. There's a lot more to that process than just putting some words on "paper."

Word Technologies Inc. can help you establish your digital channel presence, create the content that will move your prospect through to the end of the sales funnel and beyond and measure the success of those efforts.

In the meantime, take a look at our free resource on "How to Attract Customers with Facebook."

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